Secondary Smoking by Animals

The dangers of smoking to the perpetrator are well-publicised and well-known. The dangers to those sharing the same air space as a smoker are becoming clearer and are recently being brought to public notice. All this applies to humans. Little is made of the fact that many animals share their lives with smokers. This is especially appropriate to those animals with breathing difficulties (dyspnoea), asthma, sinusitis, chronic cough and other respiratory problems.

There may be shades of opinion about how potentially damaging ‘secondary smoking' might be, for humans or animals. No one can argue, however, that it is good for them. The advice of the AVMC is and has always been to minimise or prevent exposure of animals to fumes from tobacco smoking, in order to remove or lessen the risk that may be presented. This advice is given more vehemently, in cases of animal illness, particularly if that illness in any way involves the upper respiratory system, lower respiratory system, heart or eyes.

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