Wild Tigers

If there is no market, there is no future in poaching!

These magnificent creatures are seriously under threat. The Chinese trade in tiger parts (superstition and medicine) enables poachers to find a market for their ‘kills' and the wild population is dwindling at an unsustainable rate. The Bali Tiger became extinct in the 1930s. The Caspian Tiger disappeared into extinction in the 1970s and the Javan Tiger followed in the 1980s. The situation is critical.




Traditional Chinese Medicine (see: Acupuncture) has used the parts of wild animals for centuries. In our opinion, this is an outdated and unnecessary activity. The AVMC does not use and has never used parts of wild animals in medicine.

Wild Tigers more threatened than ever!

On-line Petition

When I first heard that there are only 3,200 wild tigers left, I was shocked. This means that all the wild tigers left on earth could fit on just one soccer pitch. Added to this, they are falling to poachers at a rate that means they will become extinct within a very few years.

The TigerTime campaign team needs your help to save them.

The Chinese trade in tiger parts is one of the most serious threats to the wild tiger. The Chinese government says that it is committed to saving the wild tiger. However, it is continuing to allow the trade in tiger parts and skins from tigers bred in so called ‘tiger farms’. We think that the practice of ‘farming tigers’ is barbaric and should be stopped. Additionally, this trade is the perfect smokescreen for the continued poaching of wild tigers. So often in the past, it has been shown that nothing short of a total ban is effective.

Please sign the petition at www.bantigertrade.com and urge others to do likewise. China is a powerful country so many signatures are needed to make the Chinese government listen.

If there is no market, there is no future in poaching!


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