Tuna Fishing

Tuna Fishing

Fishing for bluefin tuna is a lucrative business. The bluefin is the most highly-prized member of the tuna family and, as a result, is massively over-fished, particularly for the Japanese market and for the growing sushi culture in Europe. Vacuum-fishing ships operate in the Eastern Atlantic, and are a particular hazard to populations of bluefin when they operate off Gibraltar, herding the shoals and sucking them up en masse, as they congregate in the narrow waters to enter the Mediterranean for spawning.

Orcas (Killer Whales) congregate in the summer, off the Straits of Gibraltar, to catch the bluefin on their way out of the Mediterranean (i.e. after spawning) – a much more sustainable activity but now under threat because of the above practice by exploitative factory ships (industrial vessels).

Spotter planes are illegal but are used by the rapacious industry, to locate further shoals as the population dwindles.

Tuna drift-netting methodology has also been responsible for ravaging dolphin and turtle populations, by way of the so-called ‘by-catch'.

Think carefully and research the harvesting method, before buying tuna or, preferably:-





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