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While the work of the AVMC is mostly to help ill or injured animals, those clients wishing a deep holistic ‘vetting' of a potential new horse or pony may enquire about our vetting service. We are happy to vet any type or any age of horse, subject to availability. We prefer to do this work for existing clients but would consider requests from others.

It may be tricky to fit in with urgent timing for such a demand, since we have many animal patients to attend, over a large area of the UK. However, depending upon where Mr Day's work is taking him or whether a purchaser wishes to pay a special journey fee, things can be arranged for most locations in the UK.

We can offer a choice of two-stage vetting, three-stage vetting or five stage vetting depending upon the purchaser's requirements and the type of horse involved. We can also check the back and we recommend that we should check saddling, if the saddle is intended to be part of the purchase.

We recommend that the purchaser should be present but this is not an absolute requirement.

Please ensure that the following requirements are met: a) full name, address, postcode, telephone numbers etc. of the vendor, b) location and postcode for the horse or pony, c) passport and any other documents, d) the horse or pony should be clean, dry and groomed, e) the horse or pony should be stabled for a minimum of two hours prior to examination, f) feet should be recently trimmed or shod, g) the feet should be picked out, clean and dry, without hoof oil or other treatment, h) there should be a dark area, for examination of the eye, i) there should be a hard and level trot-up area, free of traffic danger and dog interference, j) there should ideally be a schooling area, for exercise observation, k) if sedation is required for any special procedures, the vendor's permission must be obtained in advance.

N.B.: We do not perform stringent flexion tests nor do we insist upon trotting in tight circles on concrete, brick, tarmac or gravel, since we are concerned about the safety and welfare aspects of these procedures.

We discuss findings with the purchaser, making an attempt to evaluate them according to the requirements of the purchaser and the demands that will be placed on the horse or pony.

Prices on application (contact details).

Note: We can take blood samples, if required. We do not perform X-Ray investigations ourselves but we can arrange X-Ray facilities with a horse practice local to the horse or pony in question, if required.

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