Wild Capture

The Capture of Wild Animals

Gone are the heady days of 'empire', when exploration, fascinating discoveries and trophy hunting were the norm. We now must realise that wild animal species have, to a large extent, a precarious hold on survival and their ecological niches are forever under increasing threat. We can no longer view the world as a plunderer's playground and we must respect each species' claim for existence.

Capture of wild animals, for reasons of vanity, trophy or for commercial exploitation cannot be justified in today's world. We do not need animals for research, fur, skins, wall or floor adornment or ornaments. If we must have ‘exotic pets', they can be captive-bred, as opposed to wild-caught. Apart from the terrible suffering and death toll, during capture and transit, each animal captured in the wild is removed from the wild breeding population and from the wild indigenous ‘gene pool'. This is causing measurable declines in populations.

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