Ecological Household Reagents

Every day, tonnes of detergent and chemicals are put down our drains and sewers, only to pollute waterways and the ocean. The cost of cleaning the water, for further use, is astronomical and the toll on the ecology of our waterways is serious. For our own health at home, for the sake of the environment, for the sake of bio-diversity and, perhaps most importantly of all for the purpose of this site, to reduce the horrendous toll in animal testing, carried out by the big manufacturers, we can buy ‘eco’ products.

They do the same job. They are low in or lack phosphates and they are harmlessly biodegradable. Anyone with a septic tank, who has made the change, will rapidly see the result in reduced work and costs of emptying the tank. Washed clothes and bedding don’t even smell of chemical, the way that those washed in the big brands do.

Allergies to modern detergents and reagents, especially the ‘biologicals’, seem to be on the increase in man and his animals. Washing-up liquids leave intentional residues, that cannot be rinsed off. Animals walk on chemically-cleaned floors, then lick their feet. Carpet shampoos and cleaners can badly upset a dog's skin. Bleach, formalin and phenolic compounds are very dangerous. In each case, it is not possible to know how large an influence these chemicals can play. Buying ‘eco’ products will reduce or remove this problem. Washing soda, orange oil and vinegar are good traditional cleaning agents.

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