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“And gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche.”Chaucer (1343 – 1400) – The Canterbury Tales, General Prologue

In natural medicine, the way forward is to disseminate knowledge, in a practical, professional and accessible manner. The idea that a ‘chosen few’ can provide the natural medicine requirements of our animal population is long obsolete.

The AVMC acts as host to many veterinary undergraduates, from around the world, showing them the techniques and principles of natural medicines. There is a vast natural medicine library, which is put at students’ disposal.

Mr Day contributes to the teaching of veterinary surgeons on post-graduate courses, at many centres, both in the UK and elsewhere in the world. He was instrumental in setting up the first veterinary courses in the UK (at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital), which then were moved to Oxford (HPTG). He also ran a series of in-depth courses for Irish veterinary surgeons, in Dublin in the early 1990’s. He has taught in the homeopathic school in Genoa. He has held courses in the USA.

As Veterinary Dean to the Faculty of Homeopathy, Mr Day plans and oversees curriculum development, accreditation of courses and setting of examinations in veterinary homeopathy.

He has also acted as External Assessor for IVAS Veterinary Acupuncture courses and as external examiner for McTimoney Animal Chiropractic examinations.

Discussion groups, both for pre-VetMFHom and for post-VetMFHom, have been run from the AVMC, from time to time.

Mr Day was a founder member, both of the BAHVS and the IAVH, leading to the introduction of many veterinarians, in the UK and in the world, to veterinary homeopathy.

The AVMC has also run a series of farmers’ courses, over the years, to enable farmers to take on basic homeopathic treatment of their livestock charges.

Mr Day contributes to the intra- and extra-curricular introduction of veterinary undergraduates, to homeopathy, herbs, acupuncture and other natural therapies, in the various UK veterinary schools.

There have also been saddling demonstrations, run from time to time at various equine centres, to show the widespread physical and general health effects of sub-optimal saddling, how to spot them and the benefits of correct saddling.

Mr Day has published widely, both in the technical and non-technical press. He has appeared in videos and television programs, worked on radio programs, written books and generally contributed to wider dissemination of knowledge and understanding.

Mr Day is very willing, subject to availability of dates, to offer lectures on most natural veterinary medicine, welfare and nutritional topics, including homeopathy, acupuncture, herbs and herbal medicine, holistic medicine, integrated medicine, natural feeding, animal welfare, pasture and grassland management etc. He usually requires a modern data projector, to which he can connect his laptop computer. He can, although it is not the desired option), manage with an overhead projector and a ‘carousel' projector, preferably with two separate screens. He has a vast collection of transparencies and other visual aids. He lectures subject to there being no smoking in the room.

Some forthcoming engagements can be viewed here.

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