Fee Structure

Fee Structure

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Our fees are based on very simple principles.

The veterinary fee is calculated on a time basis, based upon the prevailing hourly charge*. This is in order to charge fairly and proportionately, according to the demands put upon the practice by each individual client. We do not rely on sales of products to ensure our viability, so that our advice is free from commercial vested interest.

Our travelling charges (for house calls and horse visits) are based upon the prevailing mileage charge* and something for the vet's time in the vehicle. Travel charges for a 'round' are shared among those on a round, proportional to their distance from us, so that costs are fairly distributed.

There is an extra charge for special procedures, such as acupuncture or LASER work.

Medicines are charged out at a reasonable mark-up but we do not compare our prices with any retail outlet or other veterinary practice, since sales are not our main work.

We have a discount for bona fide members of the Soil Association**, the BDAA** and for bona fide Home Educating families** and we discuss prices with rescue establishments. We usually try to treat injured or sick wildlife free of charge.

(**applies only once, for those qualifying for discount on more than one count)

*The prevailing charges at any one time are available by telephone from the office, on request (contact).

N.B.: We receive no support, subsidy or kick-back from industry, commerce or other concern, thus retaining our professional independence and the freedom to offer honest and unbridled opinions on any topic. [While such ‘support' could be argued to be of benefit, in that it could lead to a reduction in fees, any advice offered would be suspect, in that it could serve vested interest. Beware advice on the back of which come sales!]

10% discount for bona fide Home Educating families and for bona fide

Soil Association and BDAA members – ask the office or click

We receive many emails seeking advice. We reserve the right to make a charge for time spent on these, depending upon the nature of the enquiry and the time taken. Discretion is exercised. Of course, enquiries about our services would not incur a charge.

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