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Even within the homeopathic world, small though it is, there are political issues that possibly reflect more the personal aspirations and prejudices of those concerned than a real and fundamental difference of opinion on homeopathic matters*.

One example of these ‘differences' is in the prescription itself. There are those that support giving compound remedies or complex remedies (remedies made up from a mixture of homeopathic medicines). These are sometimes called ‘pluralists'. There are those that support only ever giving single remedies (the ‘unicists'). Another example is in the choice of potency. Some hold that low potencies are best. Others champion the use of high potencies. Classical homeopathy can frown on other offshoots.

In some countries, the differences can be aired in a very confrontational and sometimes even violent way. In the UK, we are fortunate in that there appears to be a very peaceful and academic mode of dialogue, in the cited examples and in other fields, where differences and shades of opinion exist. Factions have come to see the point of view held by other factions as something worthy of respect and discussion. In fact, there appear now to be no defined boundaries between factions on any of these issues. All appear to prefer to further the progress of homeopathy, as a whole, rather than to battle over minutiae. The AVMC welcomes this trend. At the AVMC, we embrace any philosophy that is likely to work for the welfare of our patients.

Whatever differences and shades of opinion exist, this should be a source of stimulus, rather than discord. The objective has to be the welfare and benefit of patients and arbitrary or fervently-held views cannot be allowed to take priority over that.

*Perhaps paradoxically, the aggressive opposition to homeopathy in recent years has forged a new and healthy unity within the ranks of the homeopathic community. This can only be classed as a good thing and the hope is that it will endure, even when outside opposition has waned again, as it must in due course.

N.B.: Homeopathy does not act in the same way as a drug. Veterinary Homeopathy acts by providing an energetic stimulus to the body's endogenous healing and harmonising processes. It is a holistic therapy. Investigation of its mechanisms and effectiveness must explore bio-energetics and responses by the body to energetic stimuli, rather than direct pharmacological effects.

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