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Chris D has contributed articles to Squidoo.com, on homeopathy, acupuncture, herbs and herbal medicine, aromatherapy, laminitis, head shaking (headshaking), epilepsy, foot and mouth disease (FMD) and homeopathic medicine, farm medicine, holistic medicine, rocks, minerals and crystals in nature, natural feeding, dogs, cats, horses and ponies, back pain, back problems, chiropractic, geology and other topics. These are quite ‘light' and non-comprehensive, as befits such a forum. They are more by way of introducing casual visitors to and engendering interest in the subjects. This page will be updated with new article titles, as time allows.

Click Atopy in Dogs – An overview of a modern scourge.

Click Back Problems in Dogs

Click Back Problems in Horses and Ponies

Click Canine Acupuncture Vet – Acupuncture for Dogs.

Click CDRM in Dogs

Click Christmas Welfare and Safety for Pets – Seasonal warning for pet health and welfare.

Click Epilepsy in Dogs

Click Equine Acupuncture Vet – Acupuncture for horses and ponies.

Click Feline Acupuncture Vet – Acupuncture for cats.

Click Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) – Alternative possibilities.

Click Geological Periods Mnemonic – How to remember the names and sequence of the Geological timescale.

Click Grumpy Grammar

Click Headshaking in Horses – Head Shaking in Horses – An overview of a modern scourge.

Click Herbal Medicine for Animals – Veterinary Herbs – Veterinary Herbalism

Click Holistic Veterinary Medicine – The science of holism and the way to health.

Click Homeopathy for Cats

Click Homeopathy for Dogs

Click Homeopathy for Horses and Ponies

Click Homeopathy on the Farm

Click Inured Wild Deer Released (Video)

Click Kirsty MacColl Tribute

Click Laminitis in Ponies – A terrible disease of ponies and sometimes horses – a possible way forward.

Click Moonblindness-ERU – An attempt to reduce the mystery and to offer hope.

Click Natural Feeding for Dogs part 1 – The case for a more natural and species-suitable approach.

Click Natural Feeding for Dogs part 2 – Why do we feed our dogs all this modern commercial rubbish?

Click The Wonder of Crystals, Rocks and Minerals – A photographic exploration of the world of minerals and crystals.

Click Unsung Heroes – A few historical figures who don't make headlines in history teaching.

Click Veterinary Acupuncture in brief

Click Veterinary Homeopathy

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