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Travel in the UK

While most dogs love car travel, it is advisable to avoid unnecessary journeys in hot weather. Avoid leaving dogs in cars, whenever possible. If a dog is to be left in a car, always leave windows open sufficiently, even on an overcast day. A car can become surprisingly hot, even on an overcast day and the weather can change. Always take drinking water and a means of offering it. Air conditioning can be a boon, especially if one is caught in stationary traffic. If travelling a dog in a car with wide-open windows, an open car, a pick-up or a car with a sun roof, be sure that he or she will not jump out while the car is in motion. Do not travel cats loose in the car. Dogs may be provided with a safety harness, to prevent accident injury or exit via an open window. Horses and ponies generally travel well, in a well-maintained and safe horse box or trailer. Take hay and water. The transport of farm animals is heavily regulated but poorly enforced, so it can still involve a great deal of suffering. Long journeys should be broken, drinking and feeding opportunities should be provided, overcrowding should be avoided and travelling in very hot weather presents a welfare and health risk, especially if caught in stationary traffic. Export of live animals for slaughter inexplicably still persists.

Travel sickness: There are homeopathic methods to overcome this problem in most dogs.

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Travel abroad

The AVMC cannot recommend taking pets abroad, in view of the chemical regimes imposed with the Pet Passport scheme.

Cars: I posted this on Facebook on 10th August 2012:

Hot Dogs!

Just a reminder – when you're out and about, it's great to take the dog. However, please don't if you cannot guarantee a safe and shady spot for the car, if you need to leave the dog in the car even for a short while.

Open windows may not guarantee safety from this stealthy killer of dogs. Remember, any shade you have chosen will move round with the sun's movement and can catch you out. Even filtered sunlight can be dangerous.

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