Veterinary Student Extra-Mural Study

Veterinary Student Extra-Mural Studies


January 2010 until further notice

The Alternative Vet is very willing to host bona fide veterinary students for extra-mural studies. However, we are unable to do as much of this as we would like, owing to many factors. [N.B.: This is not possible for non-vets or non-vet students.]

We encourage students to join in with clinical sessions and to ask questions (when it does not interfere with client communication). We expect students to rise to the mental challenge presented by natural medicine, as opposed to meekly watching proceedings. We do not inflict any propaganda on students, expecting them, instead, to observe closely and to rationalise, assessing the merits and demerits for themselves.

At particular times, we may even be able to offer accommodation, with financial arrangements to be sorted on an individual basis. When we can use extra hands, we offer free accommodation. We use alternative therapy as a first-line treatment and conventional medicine is only necessary on very rare occasions. Conventional medicine would never be denied to a patient, if it becomes necessary for welfare reasons. All species are treated, including wild animals, reptiles and birds but the majority of our work is with horses and ponies (whether competition, racing or companion), small animals (e.g. dogs, cats and other pets) and organic farms. The work is mostly of a ‘referral‘ nature, most cases coming via another veterinary surgeon. Dogs and cats are usually brought to the Centre (but domiciliary visits are possible), while horses and farm animals are usually seen at their homes.

We abide by the provisions of the Code of Practice, published by the Faculty of Homeopathy and by that of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. We integrate our work with that of the local attending veterinary surgeon, in the case of patients already under veterinary medication.

Mr Day is a specialist in veterinary homeopathy.

The main therapies used at the AVMC are Homeopathy (Homœopathy or Homoeopathy), Acupuncture, Herbs, Bach Flowers, Schuessler Tissue Salts, Aromatherapy (Essential Oils), Chiropractic, Laser, Ultrasound and Nutrition. The latter is a mainstay, underpinning all other therapies. It is the platform upon which we build health. Without healthy natural feeding, compatible with an animal's hereditary and evolutionary needs, medicine cannot function to its full capacity. Appropriate natural feeding advice, for a health-stimulating diet, is therefore offered for each patient, whether equine, farm or domestic.

We are purposely not linked with any commercial organisation whatsoever. We do not rely on sales of products for survival. We are therefore able to offer wholly independent and impartial advice, with no link to sales, on any aspect of our work.

The Centre was the first of its kind in the UK, being established in 1987 (25 years old in 2012!). Mr Day has, however, been treating animals with homeopathy and other natural medicines since 1972.

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