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Farm animals serve us in many ways. At the AVMC, we try to encourage respect and sympathetic management, in all our dealings with farm animals. The fact that a sector of the human population requires meat and other animal products is not going to change in our lifetimes. Farm animals are, therefore, a fact of life. It behoves us, nonetheless, to do what we can to enhance their welfare.

At no point can we ever be smug. However well any farm or farm scheme runs, it can always improve. In this section of the web site, we deal with topics associated with the farming of animals, airing both contentious and less controversial subjects. Farmers and consumers are a team, who together will provide the treatment of animals that our civilisation dictates. It is no good expecting the beleaguered livestock farmer, who is having great difficulty in surviving, to make the desired changes alone. The consumer has to have the will to help bring about those changes. If we simply look at the price on food, it matters not how well UK farmers do their job. If they improve welfare, prices will have to rise. Unless we insist otherwise, food will be just imported from more exploitative systems to fit the price criteria, leaving our farmers out in the cold. If we choose to pay for better welfare, it is worth examining the facts behind assurance schemes, that appear to offer enhanced welfare. Is ‘free-range’ really what you intend or is the reality something quite unexpected? Is ‘Freedom Food' really an assurance of top welfare? Do not accept things at face value but look into them. Click on the required links).

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