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Our website has been designed as a convenient and authoritative information source or resource on holistic medicine, alternative medicine, natural medicine, complimentary medicine, integrated medicine and animal health and welfare. It has more than 600 pages, so there should be something for everyone.

Because it is a holistic veterinary site, it also deals with more general animal issues, including politics, science, welfare etc. Whether an animal ‘owner', vet, researcher, journalist, webmaster or other interested party, you are welcome to browse and to copy text, provided proper credits are supplied (with clear links back to this site in the case of material used in other web sites).

The information we provide is correct to the best of our ability. The opinions here are straightforwardly expressed and do not pretend to represent the views of any other body. The material in other websites, to which we have supplied links, is beyond our control and of course we accept no responsibility for it.

[N.B.: Please note that the AVMC cannot be responsible for any points of view expressed in or the content of any website to which we have provided links. We have been given no inducements to create these links and they are not part of reciprocal linking agreements. Furthermore, we cannot vouch for the professionality, abilities or methodology of any practitioner or operative contacted thereby. Readers are asked to form their own enquiries and form their own judgements. The links are provided in the hope that they may be of use to our readers and visitors and, of course, to animals.]

We make no apology for strongly-held views, expressed in this website and which are based on solid experience, study, observation, reasoning and logic. Homeopathic vets, acupuncture vets, herbal vets and holistic vets are few and far between, so the opportunity for clients to receive a holistic view on a patient are reduced. More conventional views are readily available, widely disseminated and easily obtained, so we do not express every ‘side' of any topic.

We think that providing information is important, so we do so freely. However, please respect copyright when downloading or quoting material and credit correctly if quoting. Images are reduced in quality, for speed of downloading. However, original quality images can be obtained upon request (contact). Please let us know if we have neglected an area of interest to you or if we have become out of date or made an error on any page (contact). Please respect copyright and credit correctly if re-using.

Our aim in all our work is to promote the welfare, health and healing in all animals. Provision of information is part of this endeavour.

Some of our categories of information and opinion are listed below.

Christopher D is a holistic vet, acupuncture vet, herbal vet and qualified specialist homeopathic vet. He also provides chiropractic services.

GLITCHES: We still have not resolved the server compatibility issues with this site. We have restored the top navigation bar. There are four main issues not yet resolved: The ‘search', ‘feedback', ‘testimonials' and ‘recipes' interactive facilities don't work yet – send us an e-mail in the meantime, if you wish to make contact! THANKS!

The dilemma: If we upload with ‘FrontPage extensions', the interactive features will return but we shall lose the navigation buttons – we're still pondering this one ……… Sorry for the glitches!

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and there's Chris D's Blog for news and views with an alternative slant.

In order to help the cause of ‘informed choice' and informed decision-making, we have started building four information web sites:





Webmasters: Please don't apply for us to form link if you are working with a commercial website. We shall not provide links to commercial interests.

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