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From time to time, items will be posted here that may be of interest to readers who have an interest in holistic veterinary medicine, animal welfare and the environment.

Hacking Attack on this Website! (July 2009)

Testimony to the aggression, desperation and futility of those who are prejudiced and fail science


In Memoriam – Dr Michael D


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Floods, 20th July 2007 – pictures:
See the flooding at Chinham House, on that very wet weekend

see also: Chris Day's Blog
for news and views with an ‘alternative' slant.

It is archived here at: Blog Archive


Christmas Message

This web site has been revised and revived

We are very grateful and encouraged by the numerous suggestions we have received, for content of our site. Some of your excellent suggestions were already planned, some were new ideas to us. We hope the result (still developing) is to your liking.

The web site explains our work and gives information on the many natural therapies that we use. It also deals, species-by-species, with the scope of the therapies. Information on the disease topics is rapidly building, so keep checking.

There are further pages of information that will be of interest, to those who care for our planet and its creatures Since holism demands that we look outwards, we felt these were relevant.

Please continue to make suggestions for additions and modifications.

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