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N.B.: This page will be only sporadically updated. Editing and updating work on the site is regular and frequent. Please revisit regularly.

GLITCHES: We still have not resolved the server compatibility issues with this site. We have restored the top navigation bar. There are four main issues not yet resolved: The ‘search', ‘feedback', ‘testimonials' and ‘recipes' interactive facilities don't work yet – send us an e-mail in the meantime, if you wish to make contact! THANKS!

The dilemma: If we upload with ‘FrontPage extensions', the interactive features will return but we shall lose the navigation buttons – we're still pondering this one ……… Sorry for the glitches! May be we shall sort it with a software upgrade in the near future.

AVMC – the home and practice of Chris D – holistic vet, homeopathic vet, acupuncture vet, chiropractic vet etc. with 40 years of experience in the field, practicing integrated veterinary care for all species of animal. Our premises is ‘lived in', with no herbicides or pesticides used. We pride ourselves on a rich and diverse wild life population around us.

Chris D, holistic vet, herb vet, acupuncture vet, homeopathic vet, was introduced to homeopathy and holistic methodology during his childhood and has been in practice for 40 years, placing him now among the most experienced holistic veterinarians. He uses herbal medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic and other therapeutic methodologies, in an integrated service, in his quest for patient health and welfare.

June 2012 Added testimonial (liver-kidney lymphosarcoma cat)
June 2012 Upgraded the cattle diseases page
May 2012 Added warnings ref. spot-on flea treatments and laminitis
May 2012 Added testimonial (pancreatic cancer dog, chronic sinus infection horse)
March 2012 Extensive update of dog bone disorders, e.g. Rickets, Maries, Legg Calve Perthes, Panosteitis, Fractures etc.
March 2012 Added information on Botulism (dog diseases)
March 2012 Added information on Abscess (dog diseases)
March 2012 Canine AIHA (IMHA) case added
March 2012 More feline diseases added e.g. FIA, AIHA (aka IMHA), Haemobartonella
March 2012 More canine diseases added e.g. AIHA, patella luxation (luxating patella), reverse sneezing
March 2012 More equine diseases added e.g. thrush, quittor, more on uveitis / moonblindness / eru
March 2012 Numerous pages updated
March 2012 Added page on stem cell issues
February 2012 Added page on ECG service (Electrocardiogram)
February 2012 Added video on jackdaw rescue/release
February 2012 Added video – “Homeopathy – Medicine or Magic?” – magnificent BBC QED program from 1991
February 2012 Added information on Syringomyelia
February 2012 Extensive updating over many pages
February 2012 Added page on Tiger extinction threat
28th Nov – 3rd Dec 2010 Added information on CMO (Craniomandibular Osteopathy) and Silicosis (Equine). Also numerous edits/updates/links
November 2010 Very slow month as computer broken
11th – 18th November Numerous edits and updates and added info on ‘Natural' range of Taylor of London – (not natural!)
8th – 10th November 2010 Added new page ‘Petrochemicals‘ and general updates/edits
1st – 7th November 2010 Numerous editing/updating jobs
31st October 2010 Inserted fireworks and bonfire alerts ahead of Halloween and expanded the page on noise fear etc.
27th – 30th October 2010 General editing and expanding of topics
16th – 27th October 2010 More new pages, more building, more editing, more updates
5th – 15th October 2010 Numerous updates and some new pages
18th Sept – 4th October Zero alterations
15th -17th September Various embellishments, additions, edits.
4th – 14th September Numerous page edits
1st – 3rd Sept 2010 Numerous page edits
31st August 2010 Numerous page edits
30th August 2010 Updated Squidoo Articles page
26th – 29th August 2010 Updates and edits to numerous pages
25th August 2010 Some minor alterations to website structure
23rd – 24th August 2010 Numerous page edits and updates
22nd August 2010 Added images, esp. on Herbs and Aromatherapy
21st August 2010 Augmented Cat Diseases page, esp. Ulcers, Wounds, Abscesses, Megacolon, Corneal Ulcer
20th August 2010 Augmented Dog Diseases page, esp. Wounds, Ulcers, Anaemia, Cutaneous Vasculitis, Rabies Vaccine Induced Ischaemic Dermatopathy
20th August 2010 Augmented Horse Diseases page, esp. stomach ulcers, crib biting, wind sucking, corneal ulcers and bone cysts
18th – 19th August 2010 Numerous page edits and updates
17th August 2010 Added page about articles on Squidoo with links
7th – 16th August 2010 About 30 pages updated and edited
6th August 2010 Added page on Rat Poison (Warfarin etc.) – edited & updated numerous pages
5th August 2010 Expanded information on back pain and back work for horses, dogs and cats – augmented acupuncture pages – added information on shivering – about 50 pages updated
1st – 4th August 2010 About 80 pages updated/edited – some new images – clearer information on location and contact – clearer information on poisonous plants – updated testimonials and bullfighting
31st July 2010 Added page of images of poisonous plants (recognition) – about 160 pages updated
30th – 31st July 2010 About 190 pages updated. – poem about departed friends – press release about Brighton BMA ARM Conference and protest demo with photo – some re-organisation and housekeeping
26th – 29th July 2010 Many detailed updates to various pages, including environmental and health aspects of vegetarianism and veganism – expansion to box rest
25th July 2010 Extensive editing and augmenting of many pages
20th – 24th July 2010 Some expansion of the diseases of various species, more pictures of herbs, grass sickness
19th July 2010 A short poem added
18th July 2010 Images of chicory added – 1 & 2
18th July 2010 Reworked home page (welcome) and main menu – added image
18th July 2010 Added new page – The POSITIVE page, for those in need of a lift a word may be all that is needed, if the time is right
14th – 18th July 2010 Lots more tinkering and rewording
11th – 14th July 2010 Lots of tinkering plus new image of Elecampane (herb) and new page Garden Chemicals
10th July 2010 Items on veracity of drug testing data on prejudice against homeopathy
9th July 2010 Independence Day message deleted as no longer current
8th July 2010 Modified page on evidence based medicine
6th – 9th July 2010 Updated page on prejudice against homeopathy and added ‘hostility' to the subtitle
4th July 2010 Independence Day message to US colleagues and friends
4th July 2010 More images: Hordeum murinum – Wall Barley and Bromus sterilis – Sterile Brome grasses and work done on holistic vet practice & holistic medicine
1st – 3rd July 2010 Many significant updates – numerous pages renamed – photographs added (notably horses, elecampane, comfrey, dandelion, nettle, sheep)
28th – 30th June 2010 Several significant updates – photos added – 583 pp, about 470 of which have been updated during the last month, including work on holistic vet , homeopathic vet, natural vet, acupuncture vet and herbal vet pages
24 – 27th June 2010 General makeover and detailed updates
June 2010 General updating and uprating during the month
6th June 2010 Overhauling site structure, to enable easier and more effective navigation – some updates
3rd June 2010 Major redesign of layout and some updates and new images.
Feb – 2009 – May 2010 Numerous minor additions, updates, new images, editing and clarification modifications.
23rd February 2009 Added details of Video Consultation Service for distant clients or for those unable to travel.
18th Jan – 20th Jan 2008 Added more images.
18th Jan – 20th Jan 2008 Added more detailed Pet Care – Information Sheet.
18th Jan – 20th Jan 2008 Added Ear Infections – Canker – Otitis Externa – Information Sheet.
18th Jan – 20th Jan 2008 Added Colitis/IBS – Article.
18th Jan – 20th Jan 2008 Massive updating, uprating and improvement of all .pdf files (about 85 documents in all).
5th Jan – 17th Jan 2008 Improvement and augmentation of individual diseases.
5th Jan – 17th Jan 2008 Navigation improvements and general housekeeping, tidying, expansion.
5th Jan – 17th Jan 2008 Improvement and augmentation of individual therapies.
5th January 2008 Added Blog Archive for December 2007.
30th Dec – 1st Jan 2008 More work on diseases and therapies pages.
29th December 2007 Reviewed and edited Pasture Management, Artificial Nitrogen, Agro-Chemica“ls, Farm Management & Nutrition, Environment & Ecology.
24th 28th Dec 2007 More general work on the site, improving several pages, links, navigation etc.
23rd December 2007 More work on Nutrition and Pet foods.
22nd December 2007 Updated all Foot and Mouth information (FMD – Foot & Mouth).
22nd December 2007 Ongoing work on navigation and content.
21st December 2007 Added Christmas Message & Poem
21st December 2007 Ongoing work on Cat Diseases, Dog Diseases, Horse Diseases, Poultry Diseases etc.
21st December 2007 Ongoing work on navigation.
20th December 2007 New item: Squirrel Pox.
20th December 2007 Updated Dog Case & added Horse Case
20th December 2007 New page: Teeth & Teething (Dogs & Cats).
20th December 2007 New page: Teeth (Horses & Ponies).
17th – 20th Dec 2007 Ongoing work on diseases (various species), cases (various species), various therapies and augmentation of various pages.
17th – 20th Dec 2007 Ongoing work on navigation.
16th December 2007 New Links added.
16th December 2007 Archived Chris Day's Blog, on this site (text only – images deleted for space reasons).
16th December 2007 Ongoing work on current pages and on navigation.
16th December 2007 New pages: Litter, Blog archive.
15th December 2007 New pages: Corticosteroid, Side-Effects, Iatrogenic Disease, Nutraceuticals.
15th December 2007 Ongoing work on diseases.
14th December 2007 More work on diseases (horses & dogs).
14th December 2007 New page: Albatross
14th December 2007 New page: Fishing & Angling
3rd Dec – 12th Dec 2007 More ongoing work on diseases, species and therapies. The information on these important topics is ever expanding.
2nd December 2007 Added a section on Eye Problems.
28th Nov – 2nd Dec 2007 Work on Tissue Salts, Anti-Freeze, Welfare, Air-Fresheners, Aromatherapy, RSPCA, Saddling, LASER.
28th Nov – 2nd Dec 2007 Reformatting individual diseases pages (under each species), testimonials, map & directions, for easier navigation and better content.
28th November 2007 Hyperthyroid in cats added
28th November 2007 Case photographs added (dog diseases)
27th November 2007 More diseases written up or enhanced (dogs, horses, cattle, goats, sheep) (incl. fibrous dysplasia, foot rot in cattle, bluetongue)
27th November 2007 More general enhancement of numerous pages, for clarification and for better information resource.
26th November 2007 More case photographs added (dog diseaseshorse diseases)
26th November 2007 Horse skeleton pictures added to Chiropractic page.
25th November 2007 More enhancements within numerous pages in the site, mostly to aid information and navigation.
25th November 2007 New page: Our Website
25th November 2007 General internal link maintenance
24th November 2007 New page: Evidence-Based Medicine
24th November 2007 Recipe added
24th November 2007 New page (.pdf) Vaccination Problems.
24th November 2007 Regularly during November, photographs have been added, whether to embellish pages or to illustrate case histories.
24th November 2007 Frequently during the month, numerous updates, enhancements, augmentations and additions have been made, mostly of a detailed nature. Main changes that have been made are to: goat diseases, cattle diseases, sheep diseases, dog diseases, horse diseases, testimonials, dog cases, horse cases, cat diseases and donkey diseases. The testimonials page has been indexed, for easier use.
23rd November 2007 More Case History information.
9th November 2007 The Blog continues …… Alternative views on news, medical developments, welfare, disease etc. There's always something to go on about!
8th November 2007 More case history and testimonial information
5th November 2007 Ongoing refinements and updates
31st October 2007 updated organics
30th October 2007 added page: holistic-alternative-natural-complimentary
October 2007 Added cases
October 2007 Updated most .pdf files
October 2007 Enhanced therapy information
October 2007 Improved main menu
October 2007 Added more disease information
7th September 2007 Added Human-Animal Hybrid Embryos
4th September 2007 Added dachshund case history with pictures (bladder tumour).
2nd September 2007 Updated Outcome Study to incorporate August results.
2nd September 2007 Started inserting photo galleries to some Horse Cases.
1st September 2007 Updated Homeopathy, Definitions, GMOs and Farm Assurance, linked to Chris Day's Blog.
1st September 2007 Added Hering's Law.
27th August 2007 Augmented Local Attractions.
25th August 2007 GLITCHES: We still have not resolved the compatibility issues with this site. We have restored the top navigation bar. There are three main issues not yet resolved: 1. The ‘recipes' button is not visible (but it works!) – 2. The bottom of the page is supposed to carry more navigation material – watch this space – 3. The ‘search', ‘feedback', ‘testimonials' and ‘recipes' interactive facilities don't work yet – send us an e-mail in the meantime, if you wish to make contact! THANKS!If we upload with FrontPage extensions, the interactive features will return but we shall lose the navigation buttons – we're still pondering this one ……… Sorry for the glitches!
16th August 2007 Added ‘Hydrotherapy‘ page.
9th August 2007 Added ‘Local Attractions‘ page.
9th August 2007 Tested Feedback capability (see 3rd August entry) – that now works – that's a bonus.
9th August 2007 Republished the entire site, through FrontPage – now discovered incompatibility at host with this site's navigation bars. The site still works, albeit with somewhat more difficult navigation. Requested a.s.a.p. resolution of this issue.
9th August 2007 Website went down, without my knowledge, as host changed over to FrontPage Extensions capability.
8th August 2007 Asked to discuss interactive facilities & FrontPage Extensions capability with the host.
4th August 2007 Information on Foot and Mouth outbreak and alert posted in early hours of Saturday morning.
3rd August 2007 Created Blog – can contact AVMC on that, meanwhile – alternatively, e-mail.
3rd August 2007 Created pages on Antibiotic Resistance and on MRSA
3rd August 2007 Discovered failure of the interactive facilities – this seems to be due to a hosting incompatibility, which we shall sort a.s.a.p.
3rd August 2007 Sorted the navigation button problems and found various structural defects (corrected)
31st July 2007 Finally re-published the site – however, there were quite a few glitches, that are being sorted.
15th May 2007 Massive augmentation, improvement, re-write and re-vamp of entire website (main menu) (N.B. previous entries on this page may not link, as some page names have been changed and some pages deleted)

Listing of previous changes now deleted

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